Josh Magennis & Tony Watt partnership the key to Charlton success.

When hat-trick  hero Josh Magennis returns to the Charlton line-up his partnership with Tony Watt is going to be the key to Charlton gaining a play-off position or, even better, automatic promotion.

Karl Robinson, who early on in his Charlton management career was getting criticised for his lack of wins (though not from me: It’s not just Roland who needs to give Karl Robinson time.), is starting to turn the Addicks into a force. Saturdays game against Fleetwood is the first time this season I feel we go into the game with the upper hand, with momentum. I am looking forward to Saturday and I have not said that since BWP was banging in goals for fun. I am listening to Charlton Live at work with a smile on my face. It is a turning point, and we need to make the most of it.

I want to point out I am a massive Karl Robinson fan; I actually think I may love him. Yes, I know he is basically David Brent but that just adds to his character and I find myself believing everything he says in his 3-hour-long interviews.  So I obviously don’t want to start questioning the gaffa’s Charlton formation, as 4-5-1 is working pretty well… but I honestly think that a partnership between Tony Watt and Josh Magennis is the key to our play-off push.

It might therefore sound as if I’m calling for 4-4-2 – but I actually think Magennis could fit in to a 4-5-1. Obviously it wouldn’t function in the same way Robinson is using it; there would be no place for a defensive midfielder for a start. Instead, Josh would come in as what Football Manager refers to as an AMC/trequartista, who would support midfield and forward play. Yes, we run the risk of leaving ourselves slightly exposed; however, we would force teams to defend deep in order to stop our dominant attacking force. Tony Watt, with a Goliath like Josh in front of him, would be a non-stop goal machine, while we would offer both a poacher and heading presence at the same time. Josh is a formidable worker and not an out-and-out goalscorer, so I think this position would suit him well; don’t forget he’s played as a winger in the past.

This is the midfield and striker formation I would love to see:




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