The key to winning consistently, give Josh Magennis stability.

We can definitely still make the play offs can’t we? Probably not, probably will get relegated.In times of division and chaos at Charlton Athletic, usually the most painful outcome becomes reality. I have a terrible taste in my mouth about this season, more so than what as came before, because I have had trust in the players who were brought in. Trust that I feel has been tested by predictable collapses. None more so than the Oldham defeat, which i actually predicted:


Two near wins, that became sickening draws should have meant Oldham were given a 5-0 hammering by the mighty Addicks. Robinson should have had his top off at the end shouting to the fans “SEASON STARTS NOW”. I would have believed him (as I believe everything he does because I love him). Instead, what me and probably every Charlton fan predicted (well not Nathan and Terry on Charlton Live), was the players would not be mentally ready to rally against a relegation battling side.

Although I declare I love KR, it is a love that is starting to dwindle. I am having my weekends ruined so heavily  by this man and his red and white army that I cannot be as up beat listening to his mid week press conferences. But my god I want him to stay, and my biggest worry this season is without a few consistent wins Roland will get rid of him.  Roland never shows signs of changing, so no reason why he would keep Robinson if we finish lets say, 16th. This is a likely finishing spot for Charlton this season, but I don’t think many would be calling for Karl’s head.

Get to your point about Josh Magennis I hear you cry. Well, listening to Charlton Live on Monday I agreed with the lads that our Irish god up top clearly isn’t firing on all cylinders, since returning from injury. Taking our chances has been such a crucial problem this season, and we will only see more conversion if our main goal threat starts hitting the back of the net.

I think what he desperately needs in order to find form is stability around him. Robinson’s big problem this season has been his inability to field a consistent team. Some of this from injury but also because he just can’t find the winning formula. We saw him change formation on saturday, something I had very much been calling for: Josh Magennis & Tony Watt partnership the key to Charlton success. However, clearly the players were not skilled to get this right. At times we looked so exposed in the middle as Croft cannot function in a two man central midfield. We have some great quality within the team, but Karl needs to find the best 11 and stick to it. In order to put a run of wins together I would say Josh is the main man. Give him time with a consistent team around him and his first few attempts on goal may find the net. Stability will breed consistency.

Team I would play against Oldham and going forward:

Rudd (GK), Solly (RB), Tex (CB), (CB) Bauer, (LB) Chickson, (CM) JFC, (CM) Konsa, (AML) mavididi, Watt (AMC), Holmes (AMR), (CF) Josh



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